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Experience premium watch care with Wristcheck Professional Services. Our team of Swiss-trained watch experts delivers high quality service and personalized attention to every timepiece.
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Premium Watch Servicing in the
Heart of Hong Kong

Swiss-Trained Expertise

Our Swiss-trained watchmakers bring their expertise to every timepiece. We complete repairs within 3-7 weeks, delivering prompt service without compromising on quality.

Personalized Experience

We tailor every service to address your needs. Enjoy direct communication with our watchmakers for a seamless and personalized experience.

Diverse Range of Services

Enhance your watch's value and performance with our full range of services. From authentication to restoration, we have various options to meet your needs.
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Expert Watch Care

Using cutting-edge technology and expert techniques, we restore your watch to pristine condition. From repairs to deep cleaning, our extensive range of services caters to all your watch’s needs.

Case & Bracelet Refurbishment

Starting at HK$1,500
Restore your watch's shine with our expert polishing and refinishing techniques. We use equipment trusted by Swiss and German manufactures to smooth out the surfaces of your watch's case and bracelet. For extra protection, we offer Styx Protective film options for various watch models.

Timing & Movement Service

Starting at HK$4,000
Is your watch running fast or slow? Our team can test and adjust its accuracy for perfect timing. We also offer servicing and repairs for a wide range of movements, from basic to advanced, such as Tourbillon and Perpetual calendars. To keep your watch working well, we recommend scheduling this service every 3-5 years.

Watch Restoration

Starting at HK$3,000
We specialize in repairing and replacing broken or defective parts to give your watch a fresh start. Whether it's a cracked crystal or a malfunctioning movement, we can restore your watch to its full functionality.

Water Resistance Testing

free of charge
Verify your watch's water resistance with our water resistance test services. If we discover any issues, our expert team will replace the gaskets to ensure that you can swim and travel worry-free.


Starting at HK$800
Differentiating between genuine and counterfeit watches can be challenging. Our authentication service takes the guesswork out of your hands. We examine every detail, including cosmetic, movement, and packaging variations. With our expertise, you can have complete confidence that your watch is 100% authentic.

Deep Cleaning

Starting at HK$500
Keep your watch looking fresh with our deep cleaning service. We use ultrasonic baths and high-pressure steam to remove the dirt and grime that builds up over time. Our gentle yet effective cleaning process protects your watch from any potential damage.
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How often should I service my watch?

Case & Bracelet Refurbishment
Refurbish your watch as often as you like. We recommend regular, high-quality refurbishments to keep your watch in pristine condition.
Timing & Movement Service
We recommend timing and movement servicing every 3-5 years. Check your watch’s 5-position timing results regularly to know whether your watch needs servicing.
When your watch stops working, you may consider partial repair or full restoration. This process may involve handcrafting and replacing parts. At Wristcheck, we prioritize traditional techniques and only replace parts when necessary.
Water Resistance Testing
Test your watch’s water resistance before diving or submerging it to ensure the gaskets are properly seated. This will allow you to safely enjoy it at the suggested depth.
Deep Cleaning
Clean your watch every few months to prevent grime buildup. You may consider cleaning more often if stains are visible.
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What service does my watch need?

Follow these simple guidelines to determine if your watch needs servicing.
watch condition
Recommended Service
Scratches throughout case and bracelet
Case/Bracelet Refurbishment
Running fast or slow
Timing & Movement Service
More than 5 years since last movement service
Timing & Movement Service
Specific functions (eg: Date, Chronograph) not working
Movement Service/Restoration
Completely stopped
Movement Service/Restoration

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How it works

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Fill out our form with essential details about your watch to receive a free estimate.

Personalized Consultation

Bring your watch to our Wristcheck boutique for a personalized consultation. Our team will review your watch and provide an accurate quote. If you decide not to proceed, we'll return your watch free of charge.

Review and Sign Official Quote

You can expect to receive an official quote for your review within 2-3 days. When you’re ready, sign the quote to start the repair.

Payment & Return

Repairs typically take 3-7 weeks, depending on complexity. After servicing, we’ll notify you to complete the payment. Once we’ve processed your payment, we can arrange pick-up or shipping for your watch.

How it works

Get A Free Estimate
Fill out our form with essential details about your watch to receive a free estimate. Provide the brand, model, reference number, year of purchase, and services needed.
Personalized Consultation
Bring your watch to our Wristcheck boutique for a personalized consultation. Our experts will review your watch and provide an accurate quote. If you decide not to proceed, we'll return your watch free of charge.
Review and Sign Official Quote
You can expect to receive an official quote for your review within 2-3 days. When you're ready, simply give your approval for the servicing by signing the quote.
Payment & Return
Repairs typically take 2-5 weeks, depending on complexity. After servicing, we'll notify you and offer secure payment options. Once payment is processed, we'll arrange for the pick-up or shipping of your watch.

Swiss-trained experts at your service

Peter Elliot Glomb

Watchmaker and Professional Services Lead
With a prestigious WOSTEP 3000 certification from the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program, Peter has had extensive training in the art of watchmaking. Combined with his wealth of experience from apprenticeships in Germany, Peter has become a true master in his craft. Holding a coveted Rolex certification and having served as the head of Bucherer watch service in Düsseldorf, Peter's expertise shines through in every service, repair, and restoration he performs.

Raymond Kwan

Watch Authenticator
Raymond's extensive background in the luxury watch industry showcases his expertise. With experience as a Sales and Purchase advisor for Watchfinder and a Quality Control Technician for Audemars Piguet, he possesses a deep understanding of timepiece craftsmanship. As a Watch Technician Apprentice for MGI, Raymond worked closely with esteemed brands like Coach, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, and more. His unwavering attention to detail guarantees the authenticity of every watch we consign.
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High-quality servicing delivered with efficiency

turnaround time
3-7 weeks
2-6 Months
1-2 Weeks
Service Quality
Cutting edge equipment
In-house equipment
Basic equipment
Swiss-trained professionals using WOSTEP 3000 techniques
In-house trained professionals using manufacture techniques
Often not formally trained staff using basic techniques
Trust & Transparency
Personalized experience & direct communication with the watchmaker
Impersonal experience & may make swap parts without your input
Impersonal experience & often do quick fixes rather than full restoration
why service with us

Real Stories From Watch Owners Like You

"I brought in a Cabestan winch tourbillon that could not be wound. It's a highly technical and complicated movement from a brand that unfortunately no longer exists, and so for a long time I could not find anyone to service it, until I decided to let Peter have a go at it. I flew to HK and had a talk with the team and it was immediately clear to me that the watch was in safe hands. The repair required tools and components be fabricated by hand from scratch, and the results are flawless! Thank you Peter and the Wristcheck team for the amazing service."
Sohaib m.
“I had my father’s watch repaired/serviced with Wristcheck and Peter. The attention to detail and quality of service was clear through Peter’s thorough explanation of the service and the regular updates I was given during the servicing. Extremely happy with the end outcome!”
“I brought my Audemars Piguet ROO Ginza and Patek Philippe 5712 for a movement service after hearing they newly setup their services department not long ago. Their Head of Services, Peter, was phenomenal. He was transparent and provided the whole servicing journey with photos and context along the way. From my years of owning and purchasing watches, watchmakers were never accessible to customers and Peter was not only accessible, but also willing to share knowledge and answer any questions I had! I will not be bringing my watches elsewhere for servicing, as I know my pieces will be in the best hands in town!”
danny l.
Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during the personalized consultation?
During your visit to our Wristcheck Boutique in Landmark, our skilled watchmaker will personally assess your watch, address inquiries, and discuss the necessary work before proceeding.
Do you take walk-in appointments?
While we prefer if you make an appointment, we do accept walk-ins at our Wristcheck Boutique from Monday to Friday, 11am to 8pm. If you would like to secure a specific time slot, we recommend making an appointment here.
How long would it take to service my watch?
The servicing process typically takes from 3-7 weeks, depending on the complexity of the work required. Please note that sourcing authentic parts, when needed, may add some time to the overall process.
Can I request servicing if I'm not based in Hong Kong?
Absolutely! We happily accept watch repairs from customers worldwide. However, please keep in mind that shipping and logistics costs will not be covered by us.
What if I change my mind about servicing my watch?
We understand that circumstances may change. If you decide to change your mind about servicing your watch, simply let us know. We are here to accommodate your needs and preferences.
What if I want to sell my watch after servicing?
At Wristcheck, we offer a hassle-free consignment service for your watch immediately after servicing. Once your watch has been serviced, our team will take care of all the necessary paperwork, photography, and marketing efforts to find the right buyer. Learn more about our consignment process.
Where is the Wristcheck Atelier located?
Our workshop, Wristcheck Atelier, is nestled in the heart of Central, Hong Kong.
What payment options do you offer?
We accept credit card payments (including 3% charge) and FPS (Faster Payment System).
What happens if my watch is damaged during servicing?
If any damage occurs during the servicing process, Wristcheck will cover the full cost of the repairs.
our workshop

The Wristcheck Atelier

Step into our state-of-the-art workshop located in Central, Hong Kong. The Wristcheck Atelier is equipped with cutting-edge tools and machinery, helping us provide top-quality service.

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